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Frequently Asked Questions

At what size do you expect your puppies to mature?

Our puppies are usually between 50-95 lbs with most falling in the 70-85 lb range. 

What color puppies are you expecting? 

We expect black and white and brown and white puppies in our litters. 

Where are you located? 

We live in Ohio. 

Do your puppies shed?

We see the occasional tumble weed of hair, but it's unlikely you would see a lot of shedding. We try to breed for puppies who will not shed, but we cannot guarantee no shedding. Doodle breeders should be working towards little to no shedding, but they should probably not, in good conscience, be guaranteeing it. 

What are the adoption fees for your puppies?

We prefer not to put that on the website, but our puppies are in the mid-range price compared to most other other Newfydoodle breeders. 

If I place a deposit, is it refundable or non refundable?

We like to have a clear picture of who is ready to make a commitment to one of our babies, so for that reason, our deposits are nonrefundable. We want to know who on our waiting list is really serious about a puppy. You don't necessarily have to place a deposit to be on our list. If we approve your application, we will have at least one phone conversation (around that time), and we can talk more about this. 

Do you ship your puppies?

At this time we are not shipping our puppies. We may reconsider this choice at some point in the future, but for now, we are not shipping any of the puppies. We also do not like to use ground transport puppy services. Most of these people are probably great at what they do, but they tend to run long routes across the country, picking up and dropping off puppies/dogs along their drive. Therefore, your puppy might get picked up from us on the 6th of the month and, depending on whether on their route you are, it may not get dropped off to you until the 18th of that same month (or later). Their routes generally are 10-20 days in length. We do not want a puppy spending that many stressful days traveling with other dogs and puppies to get to its new home. 

How many litters of Newfydoodles do you have per year?

We have 1-2 litters each year. 

Is the breed good with kids?

The puppy stage of any breed can be a tricky time if you have young, loud and/or rambunctious kids. Puppies hear squealing and screaming and seeing running and rolling on the flooring, and they just want to join in the fun. Unfortunately large-breed puppies don't always know their size and can be kind of uncoordinated. Teaching your kids to be more calm when the puppy is feeling more energetic, can be helpful. You can give your family the best chances at success by starting at day-one to teach the puppy that they are not to jump on or play-bite with people/kids. We start this train, and you will need to continue it. 

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