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Gray - standard poodle 

Gray is a small/medium-sized standard poodle. He is loving and friendly. He loves to play with Scarlet; they are best-buddies. He weighs 45 lbs. Gray has a beautiful brown and white coat. He is very smart and knows lots of tricks. Gray loves to be groomed and jumps onto the grooming table every time he walks past it. He is the father to our Newfydoodles. Gray has been DNA tested for conditions known to be found in standard poodles. He has also had his patellas, hips and elbows OFA certified. Gray is very smart and obedient. He learns new tricks very quickly. He loves to be groomed and be close to "his people". Gray is very gentle with our children and small pets. He's been a great addition to our home!

Gray's Health Testing Results

The great thing about poodles and doodles is you can enjoy all different kinds of looks/clips. You can make the coat a easy or as difficult as you'd like to have it depending on the length/clip. You can keep your Newfydoodle clipped/trimmed short, and there is no brushing needed - just the occasional bath. And speaking of baths; baths are so easy and quick when your dog is kept in a short clip. Most Newfydoodles are easily kept in medium clips as well. Their tends to mat less than pure-bred poodles. The longer the coat the more frequently the dog will need to be brushed.  

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