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We have donate and encourage others to do so as well. Possible places to donate:

  • St. Judes Children's Cancer Research Hospital

  • Local churches for children and community outreach

  • Donations to local families in need

  • Additional funding to our Compassion International sponsored Children

  • Others/Etc...

  • We have always given to charitable causes, and it will be so much fun to get to add more to that pot!

UPDATE - November 2023 - We are planning a litter for spring/summer 2024. Email us at for more info on adoption.

We post pictures and videos often on our Facebook

Here are videos of two previous litters that we have had...

This is Preston. He is a brown and white boy. He is very sweet and is on the larger side of our puppy-size-range. He should mature between 75-95 lbs. 
This is Peaches. She is a black and white girl. She is very sweet and is on the smaller side of our puppy-size-range. She should mature between 40 - 60 lbs. 

/// past puppies/// past puppies/// past puppies/// past puppies///


 See facebook page for up-to-date pictures




Puppy Information:

All of our litters are well planned. A lot of time and effort goes into choosing a breeding prospect, raising it, training it, performing the proper health screenings/tests on it, providing the necessary veterinarian care for the pup, etc... We try our absolute hardest to put all we can into a breeding to get the best results out for you. We strive to produce the healthiest puppies that are also well socialized, so that they can hopefully be your mans-best-friend for many years to come! Puppies are thoroughly vet checked before going to their new homes. Each puppy has a checklist that the vet completes whole he/she is going over each puppy. The vet checks off as "normal" or "abnormal" for each of these areas and makes comments/notes. 

Price of your puppy:

Our Newfydoodle puppies are the same price regardless of sex, coat, color or markings. We believe all our puppies are wonderful, and we don't think it's fair to charge more for certain colors, coats, or a certain sex. Our puppies are priced the same or less than many other breeders who don't do any health testing or puppy training/socialization. Email us for more info on this topic. Our parents have been tested for all conditions that are appropriate for their breeds (DNA tests, Hips, Heart, Etc). We have also coat tested our parents, so we have a better idea of the coats we will get with their puppies. If you go with another breeder, PLEASE ask what health tests their adults have been tested for. Many people will say that their adults have had some health testing or come from health tested lines, but make sure to ask what Specific Tests have been done on each of their adult breeding dogs. If you are not sure what tests to ask about look at "Scarlet's Page" and see what health tests Scarlet has had done, and ask the breeder about the results for each individual test for each of their dogs. There are so many health tests available for breeders to utilize. If they are not testing their adults, I believe there are really three possible reasons why: first, they don't know about the testing that is available, and need to education themselves more about what is available, second, they don't think their dogs would pass the testing, so they don't test them, or third, they don't want to put the money into testing, because it is costly to complete all the health tests, and it cuts into their profits from their puppies. Our pet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and without breeding rights. We would consider placing puppies with breeding rights in certain situations. Please inquire if you are interested in breeding rights. 

Adoption Contract: Our Puppy Contract  - See the bottom of this page!!  

What happens before you get your pup:

Starting at birth the puppies are handled daily. We do "early neurological stimulation" with our puppies. Our puppies are introduced to children from birth and other pets once they are a few weeks old. They are exposed to household noises like the vacuum, TV, doorbell, children playing, etc. Puppies are weaned once the mother shows signs that it is the proper time to do so (usually starting around 4 weeks). The mother of a litter is such an important teacher to young puppies, so she is not "taken away" from the litter when weaning starts, she simply is able to get away from the little, milk-hungry babies when she wants to. Puppies also learn valuable lessons from their littermates starting around 5-6 weeks old that will help them throughout their lives to know how to get along with other playmates (animal and human). Taking a puppy away from these important teachers at too young of an age can negatively impact them for the rest of their lives because they did not learn how to get along properly with others. Our puppies WILL NOT leave our home until they are 8 weeks of age. I would prefer they leave at 9 weeks old, but would allow them to leave between 8-9 weeks if that is what works best for their new family. House and crate training also starts here. From the time the puppies start to crawl around we are starting the basics of house training by offering them a clean area and a potty area. Starting this early helps the puppies to develop habits of wanting to stay clean. Starting around 4-5 weeks old we introduce the puppies to a crate by taking the door off of a plastic crate and allowing them to go in and out as they please. At 7 weeks we start to put the pups in traditional crates for short periods of time (10-12 minutes) and adding a couple minutes per day to get them used to being in a crate without their siblings.  


What your puppy goes home with:

  1.  Collar and Leash

  2.  A Food Sample

  3.  A Fabric Bag to take the goodies home in

  4.  Purchase agreement signed by Buyer and Seller

  5.  Metal Comb or de-matting tool/brush

  6.  A VERY detailed paper that has some instructions for care                                                                                                                                          (feeding, grooming, vet care, exercise, etc) 

  7.  A folder with copies of the parents' health clearances and all records for that pup at that time

  8.  Age Appropriate Vaccinations and dewormings performed by our vet

  9.  A thorough/detailed Health Check by our Vet

  10.  A blankie that smells like the littermates 

  11.  A breeder that cares about their puppies and is happy to answer questions that you have

    • If your puppy is being shipped to you, some of these items may not be able to be given with your puppy. ​


Below is a copy of our adoption agreement/contract, so if you are considering getting a puppy from us, please read all the terms below and make sure you are okay with them. 

Adoption Agreement:  This puppy is being sold as a pet and companion for the price of _________________and not for breeding purposes.


Owner Name____________________________ referred to as Owner in the below contract.

Full Address

Email Address:

Phone Number:​

Puppy Health:

CountryView Newfydoodles, referred to as Breeder, states that this puppy is in good health at the time of pick-up or delivery. The Breeder’s vet thoroughly examines each puppy before the it leaves for its new homes. The Owner is to take the puppy to his/her vet within 3 days of purchase. If this puppy is found to have a life-threatening genetic defect diagnosed at this visit, the BUYER may return this puppy to Breeder at the Owner’s expense to receive a full refund, minus the deposit cost of ($300, which will cover a portion the vet check for the pup to be evaluated by the Breeder's vet). The refund will be given to the Buyer once the initial pup’s diagnosis is confirmed by our vet. This does not include illnesses that the puppy could have been exposed to once leaving the home of the Seller. Proof of examination and diagnosis must be provided to the BREEDER within the 3 day period in order to receive reimbursement of funds. The Breeder should be contacted immediately with the name and number of the vet responsible for performing the exam. The vet will also need to provide in writing all of the results and a diagnosis. This contract does not cover the following: viral illnesses, parasites, infections that are gained after leaving the breeder’s home, improper bites, giardia or coccidiosis or kennel cough. It also does not cover illnesses due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, stress related issues, behavioral issues, physical injuries and/or illnesses which may have occurred and/or contracted during transport to the owner. The BREEDER promises to a make the Owner aware of any and all known health issue before the purchase of this puppy. The Breeder is not liable for any accident or injury of the animal once it leaves the possession of the Breeder. Once the puppy leaves the Breeder’s care we have very little control over how the puppy is handled, where the puppy is taken or what the puppy is exposed to.

Vaccinations and Dewormer:

The Breeder assures that this puppy has received at least one set of vaccinations before leaving our care. Our vet administers all vaccinations. The first vaccine given is a combination vaccine which covers Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Para-influenza and Parvovirus. The Breeder has the fecal material of the puppies evaluated periodically to check for internal parasite and we work with our vet to properly de-worms puppies, if needed.


The Breeder guarantees hips against severe hip dysplasia for 24 months from the date of birth. If this puppy is diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia within the first 24 months of life, then official written documentation including films and any and all veterinary reports associated with the hip dysplasia diagnosis from the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or PennHIP of bilateral dysplasia must be submitted to the Breeder's vet before the partial refund is given. The x-rays must be performed by a vet who does more than 100 OFA or Pennhip evaluations each year. We will not honor a written statement or exams from the Owner's licensed vet; it must be documented by OFA or PennHIP with correct placement of the dog in the films, and the results must be sent to our vet. If your puppy is diagnosed by PennHIP or OFA to have severe dysplasia with correct dog placement on, we do NOT require the puppy be returned to us. If severe dysplasia is confirmed, buyer will refunded 1/2 of the original, total purchase price of the pup that was paid to the Breeder by the Ownerr on the date of purchase. Due to the environmental causes of this disorder, genetics cannot be completely blamed for its development. The parents of the pup were evaluated by OFA and/or PennHip prior to breeding and were found to not be dysplastic. For this guarantee, the Owner must agree to the following terms: first, to feed the puppy a high quality Puppy food (must keep all receipts), second, keep your puppy off slippery floors and surfaces, third, do not to allow the puppy to engage in strenuous exercise or rough play before 2 years of age, and fourth, maintain the puppy at a healthy, lean weight, and to not let the puppy get overweight (must provide weights and body score from each vet visit).

Spay and Neuter:

The Owner agrees to spay/neuter their puppy no earlier than 10 months of age and no later than 24 months of age. The Owner also affirms that their purchase is for a “pet home” only and not for breeding purposes. If the purchased puppy is used to produce a litter, the Breeder will be entitled to be compensated for breach of contract. The Owner then agrees to pay the BREEDER an additional $1000 above the purchase price of the original puppy and $1250 per puppy that is sold from each litter produced. The general health guarantee as well as the genetic guarantee becomes void if the spay/neuter contract is violated. This is meant to protect our puppies, reputation and bloodline. (extra note - breeding rights can be purchased if arranged and paid for when adopting the puppy).


The OWNER agrees to maintain this puppy/dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care, including but not limited to, inoculations, internal and external parasites, and preventative medications. OWNER agrees to provide fresh water and quality, age appropriate food in the correct amounts. Overfeeding your large breed puppy can lead to structural problems.

If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, health warranty will be rendered null and void.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the dog to be placed in a pet shop, animal shelter, or similar establishment. If it was found to be placed in such an establishment the penalty of $2000 will be charged to the Buyer. Any legal fees the Breeder and Owner have to spend in collecting this $2000 penalty are the responsibility of the Owner.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this dog to be used for breeding unless otherwise arranged with the BREEDER before taking possession your puppy. If the dog is bred the Owner must pay the fees listed above in “Spay and Neuter” section of this contract. If the dog is sold or given away prior to spaying or neutering (which also violates this contract - see the rehoming section below) the the puppy is bred the Seller is still liable to pay the fees listed in the “Spay and Neuter” section.

Protecting your puppy:

Puppies are given a 1st shot while with us which is administered by our veterinarian. This does not mean they are immune to the diseases they have been vaccinated against. Check with your Vet and follow up on all recommended boosters before taking your puppy to meet the public including parks, lakes, pet stores, on camping trips, and so on. Take your puppy to the vet in a carrier and do not allow them touch the ground outside or the floors inside the office, do not allow other clients at the vet office to handle your puppy, this may seem unfriendly but it is important for the health of your puppy. Just remember they may be visiting the vet with a sick pet and may not even know yet or may not consider it to be dangerous to hold your puppy. Do not allow your puppy to roam your home unsupervised unless you have thoroughly puppy proofed (cords, children's toys, plants, etc.) We recommend a crate, a playpen or a gated off “puppy area” when you can not supervise your puppy for the first couple months home. Having a young puppy is a lot like having a 9 month old child crawling around your house (only faster moving)!


If for any reason the Owner is unable to care for the puppy or adult dog, the Owner will contact the Breeder immediately. We will assist the Owner in relocating the puppy in a new approved home. Although we will not reimburse you for the purchase price of the puppy – we guarantee to do our best to assist the Owner in placing the puppy into a new loving home environment; from our experience we have found that puppies and or dogs that are given away for free are less likely to be successful then a family that has financially invested in adoption. If the Breeder sells the puppy for the Owner for a fee to its new home the Breeder will give whatever fee is collected minus $150 for our time and effort in finding a new home. We also ask if the Owner decides to re-home this puppy on your own that the Breeder is provided with the new owners contact information (name, address and phone number) prior to the adoption into the new home. If the Owner needs to place the puppy the Owner agrees NOT to place the puppy until it has been spayed or neutered.

Puppy Updates:

Your feedback is very important to us especially on things like size, shedding, temperament and trainability. Family feedback help us to make future breeding decisions and also to better predict how our future litters will develop as adults. Now and then we would really love it if you would share with us your dogs pictures and any helpful information as your puppy develops. Good or bad we want to know anything you’re willing to share with us. We will be here to answer any questions you might have for the life of your dog. We’re not vets, and we’re not dog trainers, but our life does revolve around dogs, so we might just have a few tips to share with you. Enjoy your CountryView Newfydoodle puppy; it will hopefully change your life in many ways for the better.

This Owner’s agreements will continue for the duration of this dog’s life and the BREEDER will have the right to enforce these agreements in this contract.

Breeder Name: ______________________________ Owner Name: _________________________________

Breeder Signature: ___________________________ Owner Signature: ______________________________

Date: ___________ Date: _____________

*All Guarantees pertain to the original purchaser only.

The purchase contract is lengthy, but the goal of it is to protect the puppy. We care about our puppies and want the very best for them!

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