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CountryView Newfydoodles

Contact Information:

We would be happy to answer any questions you have. Email is the easiest way to reach us in the beginning. Please email us at  If you'd prefer to speak with us over the phone, we ask that you first email us and complete our application. Then we can call you to answer questions you have for us, along with additional questions we will have for you after reading through your application. 

UPDATED May 1st, 2020 - Until further notice, we will not be shipping our puppies due to Covid. We will re-evaluate this decision in a few months. We can try to recommend a breeder closer to you, or you can choose to wait for a future litter and hope things change for the better. To better protect our puppy-parents and ourselves, we will be meeting with people on adoption day outside our home. We will quickly hand off the puppy to you, and then we can back up to safe distances to answer any questions that you have. As adoption day gets closer, we may make additional changes to this planned procedure. 

We are located in western Ohio. If you get a pup from us, there are multiple options to get your new furry bundle of joy to you: 

  1. You can pick up your new puppy from us.

  2. If the weather permits (must be within safe temperatures), we can ship your pup to you. 

  3. We can hire a ground transport puppy-nanny to drive the pup to you anywhere in the US. 

  4. Depending on our schedule, we can possibly meet you within 1.5 hours of our home to help with travel time. 

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