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     Scarlet is a friendly and fun-loving F1 newfypoo. Her mother is a landseer Newfoundland and her father is a parti-colored standard poodle making her an F1 Newfypoo. Scarlett is about 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs around 65 lbs. She has a beautiful black and white in coat, and she doesn't seem to shed at all. We like keeping her in a short to medium clips, but she looks great in short, medium, and long clips. 

Coat Information:

      Scarlet has also has some of her coat testing complete. For the shedding test (SD Locus) she is a sd/SD... meaning she carries the non-shedding gene she received from her father, and she carries the shedding gene from her mother. Theoretically, 50% of Scarlet's offspring will receive the non-shedding gene from her and the other 50% will get the shedding gene from her. If we breed her to a standard poodle who should carry two copies of the non-shedding gene, then 50% of her babies would be non-shedding and the others might be light to moderate shedding dogs. We did the test for "proper/improper" coat on Scarlet as well. She tested F/IC furnishings(improper coat carrier). Having both of these tests done will give us a better idea of how much she and her pups might or might not shed. 

Scarlet's Health Tests/Results

aDSC_9435 (2).JPG

Another Photo of Scarlet in her cute "lion trim"!

aDSC_9437 (2).JPG

   Scarlet in a Lion Trim

Other information:

        Scarlet is very athletic, and she loves to play fetch. We have a large fenced yard where she can run play until her heart is content! She also enjoys the company of people. We are VERY excited at the idea of future Newfypoo babies! Please contact us if you have any questions about our dogs or would like to be placed on our waiting list. 

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