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We Love Fluffy Dogs and Wagging Tails!

Our goal is to breed healthy, happy puppies who will be wonderful companions for their new owners!

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NEWS  -  11/3/23 - we are tentatively planning a litter for spring/summer 2024. We will be posting more information on this possible litter in the coming months. If you would like more info on our babies, please email us at


Click here for more info! Our puppies are raised in our home with us and children. They learn to start pottying outside (and get VERY good at it). We use a litterbox for nighttime. They could continuing using a litterbox at night in their new homes, or they could transition to sleeping in a crate or in your bed at night and pottying outside. When they leave for their new homes, our puppies are UTD on vaccinations that are given by our veterinarian. We do not self-medicate or vaccinate our puppies or adult dogs. We work closely with our vet in evaluating our "parent dogs" and examining and vaccinating our puppies. Many puppies from other breeders go to their new homes full of parasites. We try very hard to keep our adult dogs and puppies parasite-free! This makes for a healthier puppy and an easier transition into their new homes. 

What you should know about us? We thoroughly health test/ screen our adult breeding dogs, and we are a small in-home breeder. What does this mean to you? First, it means that we can guarantee your puppy against certain inherited genetic conditions that are common in either Newfoundlands and/or Poodles. Second, our puppies are use to being around and handled by people/children daily. Even though we do all this health testing, our adoption fees are less than a lot of other Newfypoo/Newfydoodle breeders who do no genetic testing. Please see Scarlet's page to see the health tests that have been completed for her. If you buy from another breeder, please ask for test results from these same tests for each of their breeding dogs (not just some of the parents or grandparents). If you, the buyers, don't demand these tests be done, then these other breeders will continue to breed their possibly unhealthy, unsound dogs to produce puppies for profit. A lot of breeders don't do health testing because they don't want to spend the money it takes to complete all the health tests (it cuts into their profits), or they think their dogs won't pass the tests. Why pay more for a pup from them? Whether you get a pup from us or another breeder, please buy from a responsible breeder. Another difference between us and many other breeders is we raise our puppies in our home with us! We only have one adult breeding female and one adult breeding male, and these two live as our pets within our home. 

Please visit our other pages to learn more about newfydoodles/ newfypoos, and to learn more about our dogs and puppies. You can email us at if you have additional questions, or if you would like information about our upcoming waiting lists!

CountryView Newfydoodles

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