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So far he’s doing pretty unbelievable. Car ride went smooth as butter, he slept most of it! He has had zero accidents with us so far and potties almost as soon as we take him outside to the grass. He slept from 11pm - 6am last night and whined a little at 6 as a signal to go pee !! We are in awe. His favorite place to lay is our faux fur rug, I think it reminds him of his siblings.


Thank you so much for all the work you have put in over these past few weeks to get him to this point! I’m from an island on the east coast of Canada called “Prince Edward Island” so we have decided to name him Prince Edward !! We’re calling him Eddie for short! Hope Scarlet and the other pups aren’t missing him too much


Matt and Ashley 

Update - Just wanted to drop a line and brag about our angel pup and I figured you’d be the perfect candidate. Almost on week with “Eddy” and still doing amazing. I would consider him house broken, in one week we have had ZERO accidents (one or two close calls but we get him outside when we see the squat) he has slept in his crate every single night, he let’s us know when he needs to potty by doing a small whine. He goes in there on his own for naps and is extremely comfortable in his crate. He is starting to learn basic commands, he knows “sit”, “down” and “come” without fail, and as long as he has his toys near by he is doing great with no chewing!

Finally, yesterday was his first vet appointment with us and the vet, all the techs, and myself could not get over how sweet and well behaved he was. He’s in perfect health and a perfect puppy ! 


First Week -  He was awesome late nite - bed at 10 pm, up at 6, did his business outside, has had no accidents. You did a fabulous job. Took him to the vet today, and everyone loved him, of course! Vet check went great, and a few shots, see them again in 3 weeks. Will send some pictures soon. 

Additional Update - Sully is doing awesome!! We are camping in Iowa with friends and their puppy, Sully is so sweet! So very Happy, you did a great job. Can't believe how big he has become, which is fine. Will stay in touch.


Camping Fun


Lucky has charmed everyone that has met her! She is so smart and sweet! So far she has learned to sit, lay down, come here, where's your boy (our son), where's your baby (squeak toy) and she is doing a great job on the leash on our neighborhood walks. She will pull whenever she hears or sees children and loves the attention they give her. Our son and Lucky will be taking a children's dog training class after her next set of shots. She loves shoes and toilet paper (we are working on this) but other tha that she is the perfect pup. We love her so! I hope all is wonderful with you and your family. 



Update April 2020 - Lucky is Robert’s best buddy. We couldn’t ask for a more wonderful dog. I hope you and your family are safe and well! Hannah


Hello, things with Dexter are great. He has really grown accustomed to the house and we have developed a good schedule so far. Dexter and my older dog play and get along so much better now, they have both settled down with each other a lot. I took Dexter to the vet last week and he weighs 16.2 pounds. I take him back on Friday for shots. He sleeps great in is crate and I was even able to move his crate out of my bedroom and he sleeps in it in the living room now. I am just starting his training on ringing the bell when he has to go potty. I know it may take a little while since we are still working on potty training itself. He hasn't had any accidents since last week though!

This is Dexter sleeping under our barstools lol. My daughter covered him with his blanky which he still sleeps with!


He's amazing!!! We are so in love--he's having a great summer with our family!! Just had his first haircut today. He seems to love us very much. But he did really well when we left him at the groomer today, so that was good. LOTS of compliments on his manners, and then he "happy peed" when we picked him up

Yes to both (referring to potty training and socializing) -- although the neighbor's garage door freaked him out. He's good with other dogs, although a little cautious to start, and he seems to LOVE everyone he meets.  Potty training: were still using a timer to take him out bc he doesn't whine to go. He might circle, but the timer is working out well. Helps all of us I think.



She's sweet and very strong minded. She's smart and wants all my attention. My granddaughter can be around her and that makes us all happy. I'm glad you let me have her. I would recommend your puppies to anyone who asks. Thanks Again. (5 months old)


4/11/20 - (5 months old)

She is doing great. She has a great personality and we love her. 


Potty training is going great! He is pretty good with the kids. Sometimes when he gets really excited he will jump up in them but he is redirected pretty easily. He has been an absolute joy to add to the family. The vet is always surprised how much he has grown when she comes


Going to work with the owner...

Family Movie Night with his new family. 


April 2020:

Sharing picture of Murphy aka Brutus....he is a dream really enjoying him he's from November 19 litter

Brutus_Murphy 5 months old.jpg

HI!!! Barleigh (aka Brie) has been a fantastic addition to our family! She’s loves to go outside and even loves getting dirty even more!! She can sit, lay down, shake and sit up. We just got started with puppy training and the Covid happened to the world. She can be ornery and sweet as pie. I dread the day we all have to go back to work. We love her to pieces!!

Brie (Barleigh) 5months2.jpg
Brie (Barleigh) 5months3.jpg
Gemma (Dallas).png

Hi Brett and Amanda, 


Bryan and I just wanted to reach out to thank you for all your hard work you did with your last litter. Puppy training has been so easy with both of you starting it when they were so young. Gemma (Dallas) really hasn't had any accidents and she rarely bites people. We just wanted to reach out to say thank you for caring so much about your puppies and all your hard work. 



Genevieve and Bryan 

Gemma (Dallas)2.png
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